Sunday DIY: Himalayan Salt Scrub



Sundays are for quick and easy DIY projects, lounging around, reading , eating and drinking. That is all. Depending on which side of the bed I wake up from, my Sunday can be super relaxed (I don’t move from my bed and watch series) or I go into domestic goddess mode. I cook things from scratch while I indulge in an easy DIY project.

Today was one of those days. I was spurred on when I noticed a lot of himalayan sea salt in my house. It reminded me of a spa day I had once received from a beauty parlour that had included a brown sugar and sea salt face scrub. Being lazy to leave the house and also remembering the expense of that scrub, I decided I could make my own face scrub.

By accident I poured more coconut oil in the salt than I needed to, so I needed to put in more salt to soak up the oil. I ended up with a larger portion of my sea salt scrub base than I intended and I immediately thought of other uses for the excess scrub.

Voila! I had enough for my face, lips, hands and feet. Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub – four ways.

So how do you go about making your own? Quite simple and no fuss.

1 cup Himalayan Salt

1/4 cup coconut oil (you can also use almond or olive oil and add more oil as you like)

2 – 3 drops essential oil of choice  (I always use tea tree oil but there are so many options depending on your preference and use)


  1. Mix coconut oil and essential oil together. Mix well.
  2. Add to Himalayan salt until it has absorbed all the oil. Again, add more salt if you like your body scrub with a more granular feel.
  3. Store scrub in empty body lotion jars or face cream jars.

There you have it…. a simple and quick DIY spa product that you can make at home in less than 10minutes. What are some of your favourite DIY recipes?




SugarBush | Christmas Garden Fair!


Hi C1rca family + Zed Creatives at large,

Can you believe that Christmas is upon us already? Well, before we all venture off for Christmas holidays and the like, C1rca 1964 would love it if we could have one more Zed Creative meet up at SugarBush Farm for the Sugar Bush Christmas Fair!

We are really excited to be helping our friends and clients get the word out about this event and we have decided to rope you guys in as well to spread the Sugar Bush Farm Christmas Fair cheer!

We would love to see you ALL at the Fair on the 7th and 8th December (9am-4.30pm) at The Design House – SugarBush Farm, Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka.

The fair shall be showcasing a unique blend of local and regional designers and artisans. It really is fun for all the family so come down with everyone you know ;-)!

Oh and before we forget, Raffle tickets are currently on sale at The Design House Shop and Cafe (K20 per ticket). There are some amazing prizes that you just can’t miss out on!

To continue the conversation via twitter, follow @jackalhidezam  

Find ‘Jackal & Hide’ on Facebook by clicking the image below

The Design House Shop Opening Times
Tue – Sat 8:00-17:000
Sun 9:00-16:30

The A team | Project Cascade

“I love it when a plan comes together”

No matter how old you are now, if no one has ever introduced the awesomeness that is the A-Team to you; then your life is somewhat lacking ;-).

“The A-Team is an American action-adventure television series, running from 1983 to 1987, about a fictional group of ex–United States Army Special Forces personnel who work as soldiers of fortune, while on the run from the Army after being branded as war criminals for a “crime they didn’t commit”” – WIKIPEDIA

We aren’t going to mention names but some members of the C1rca team may or may not have been introduced to this show by their older siblings and have since had a hard time letting go. What does this have to do with C1rca 1964 besides giving you an insight into some of the team members personal interests? Well… C1rca 1964 is all about collaborating not for our own advancement but for everyone we know in the same industry, in our communities and in our country.

Imagine to our pleasant surprise that within the circles we moved, meeting after meeting we discovered common interests and passions with people from different backgrounds and professions. We all had one goal… Promote Zambia. The why was self evident but the how not so much.

The good news is that we finally figured out the how, it’s just a matter of WHEN!

Without further ado let me introduce you to some of the Project Cascade team members. Who can you spot?

Dan Hartwright Photography Event Zambia Lusaka ProjCascade Team Meeting August 2013-1

Keep an eye out for Project Cascade :

Twitter |@projcascade

Facebook |Project Cascade

C1rca Spotlight| Evelyn Kalubi

“Untitled Fashion Illustration”

“Untitled Fashion Illustration”

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a visual piece of work that leaves you wanting to know about it’s creator  and whether their personal experiences inspired their work. Zambian-Congolese visual artist Evelyn Kalubi states that ““I am inspired by color and form primarily. I also have a great focus on politics, racial identity, sexuality and fantasy in my work”.

"It wasn’t the Lion King but she loved the jungle and Africa"

“It wasn’t the Lion King but she loved the jungle and Africa”


” I  was born during the early 1980′s in Kitwe, a small city in northern Zambia located along the border to the Democratic Republic Congo.  My unique  African family has definitely affected my  understanding and perception on life, music, design, fashion and, of course, art.  Our family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where I spent the early portions of my life.  Living in the United States proved to be a trying time for my family and myself.  It was during this time the pervading concept of understanding my identity and my place in the world began to assume its place in my thinking”.




“One of my goals is to open a production firm that sponsors artists, musicians, poets, and expose them to audiences around the world. I would also like to do more philanthropic work for African women throughout the African Diaspora to remind them of their beauty and significance  in this world”.




#TourismTuesdays| Lusaka 100

As you drive down Great East Road and other main roads in Lusaka, you may have  noticed the Lusaka 100 banners to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our capital city. The official events kicked off last weekend and continue through to the end of the month. In honor of Lusaka 100, we’re sharing some of our favorite Lusaka inspired things and sites

. •EXPLORE| Ama Local

Photo Credit: Ama Local

Ama Local is a travel site which features reviews about restaurants, offers advice on fun things to do in all 10 provinces. According to the site, “ Amalocal’ is city lingo that combines English and a local derivative ‘them/ us’ to define identified persons. Examples would include “amaboys’ referring to young males, ‘amadaddies’ referring to mature men, ‘amaladies’ being smart women, etc, etc. ’Am a local’ is a play on ‘amalocal’ to include the visitor who would read the English/ American version- I am a local/ Am a local!!”

The site is divided into categories such as ‘Arts and Culture’, ‘Festivals and Events’, ‘Bars and Restaurants’ and more. Visit the Lusaka section here.

SEE| Lusaka, The City, The People

Photo Credit: Lusaka, The City and People.

Photo Credit: Lusaka, The City and People.

We love this facebook page which features stunning vintage pictures of our hometown.

READ|  Post Cards of Zambia (book)

postcards from zambia

Go back in time and trace the history of Lusaka and Zambia through postcards and pictures curated by Peter Langmead. Available for sale via Amazon. Check the facebook page for updates.

WEAR| Zamboi Shirt

zed gear

Rep your hometown in this Zamboi shirt by ZamGear.

READ|  The African Gypsy

Photo Credit| Chembo

Photo Credit| Chembo

Actress/Artist Chembo did a blog post on her recent experiences in Lusaka. Can you spot any familiar places?

DO| • Lusaka Photo Walk

Photo Credit: Dan Hartwright

Photo Credit: Dan Hartwright

International Travel Photographer Dan Hartwright offers photo walks around Lusaka. “ Learn about camera controls, basic and creative use of exposure and composition, meet people who share the interest in photography, and get some exercise”. For updates on future Lusaka Photo Walks, follow Dan on twitter @DanHartwright.

EXPLORE| Lusaka Experience

Photo Credit| Lusaka Experience

Photo Credit| Lusaka Experience

Ever thought about being a tourist in your own city? The Lusaka Experience offers various tours around Lusaka heritage sites, visits to cultural and arts centers, or a tour of townships in Lusaka. For more information, visit the website The Lusaka 100 list of events includes a discussion on the Fashion Industry in Zambia, A Malasha Bike race and more.

Full List of Activities can be found  here.

Lusaka Social Media Day Panel | Meet Lwanga Mwilu


Are we going to see you at Lusaka’s first ever Social Media Day meetup (25 Mpulungu Road, Olympia – BongoHive)? Don’t forget one of the main events is our social media panel that starts at 13:00hrs. The panel is titled: “Social Media use in Zambia”. Meet one of our esteemed panelists, journalist; Lwanga Mwilu.

Lwanga Mwilu is a Zambian Journalist working in media consultancy and research. She has had 9 years of varied experience in Zambia and South Africa includes working as a reporter and feature writer on a daily newspaper, a support editor and columnist on an online newspaper, a radio news writer and reader, a research consultant on gender and human rights in Africa, an academic research assistant, a freelance writer, editor and proofreader, a trainer and mentor, and a lead consultant on a long term nationwide health communications project, among others.

She has also had articles and research papers have been published on different online platforms and in print publications.  Lwanga is a knowledgeable and keen follower of developments in the area of freedom of expression, hate speech, xenophobia and moderation of User Generated Content in African online media, having researched and completed a Master’s dissertation on the subject in 2010.

In 2012, she was one of the experts at the regional symposium on combating extremist speech while maintaining freedom of expression in Africa, held in Saly, Senegal. The symposium was led by the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression Frank La Rue.

Born in Ndola in the 1980s, Lwanga developed an early interest in reading, writing, current affairs and public speaking. This was further encouraged in her early teens when the Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail published the letters to the editor she occasionally submitted.
Lwanga has a Masters in Journalism and Media Studies and plans to study further. She aspires to contribute to a progressive gender discourse in Zambia as well as influence policy on the same. She is currently working on a soon to be launched publication which, among other objectives, aims to be a networking resource as well as platform to showcase the professional achievements of Zambian women.

Outside work, Lwanga’s interests are reading, global current affairs, TV, music, blogging,
traveling, history, people, amateur photography, and indigenous cultures.

Check out Lwanga here:

Twitter: @lwangamwilu



Follow @LusakaSMDay + ‘Like’ Lusaka Social Media Day for more info.

Fashion Fridays | Rina Chunga x Creative Factory


Fashion Friday’s has come again and the C1RCA office is abuzz with our latest find! 23 yr old, fashion student , blogger and aspiring designer; Katrina “Rina” Chunga is on our radar!

The home stats : Born in Zambia, grew up in Botswana + currently residing in South Africa


Current collection you have to save up for: Chitenge Meisie features African prints, a fashion ode to Chunga’s  Zambian and South African heritage


What makes her stand out? Not your average up and coming Zambian designer. Something tells us she’s not afraid to push the boundaries.


Social Media haunts :

Blog  | RiCh by Rina Chunga

Twitter | @Richfactory / @RiChbyRina

Facebook | Ri.Ch Creative Factory

Behind the Scenes | Love Games Season 2


For Thirteen episodes we were enthralled by  Love Games. We were ecstatic and impressed that Media 365 the creative and communications agency behind this dynamic  and entertaining show were making the episodes available online as well as airing them on both ZNBC and MUVI Tv!

Alas all good things must come to an end right? With a little sorrow and a lot of pondering over what other show would have us glued to our TV sets and to our twitter timelines at the same time, we said goodbye to Tasheni, Carol, Mimi, Womba and Tamara.

However not all hope is lost! Media 365 is currently shooting Love Games Season 2 and they are keeping us on edge with their updates via twitter and Facebook.


Check out Media 365 on Facebook for more behind the scenes images and other Love Games Season 2 news!

Media 365 | Facebook

If you have a little time please also fill out a quick survey from Media 365 about Love Games Season 1. You could win one of the TEN Love Game DVD’s they are giving away :

Love Games Season 1 :  Feedback Survey

Share your thoughts about Zambia’s burgeoning film and television  industry. Do you think we can rival Nollywood or better it? What would you like to see more of in Zambian films and TV shows?

Tourism Tuesdays | Miss Tourism Zambia 2012


The Zambia International Travel Expo was recently held at Mulungushi Conference Centre. Since we couldn’t make it to the event, we couldn’t think of anyone better to give us a recap of what went down than the reigning Miss Tourism Zambia 2012, Winnie-Fredah Atieno Kabwe.

C1rca:  In what capacity were you involved in the Zambia Travel Expo?

Winnie: I was invited to the travel Expo by the Zambia Tourism Board. As Miss Tourism Zambia I need to be present at such Events to interact with people in the tourism industry as well as the general public.

C1rca: What were some of the activities involved in the expo? Who were some of the notable guests?

Winnie: The major activities where people in the hospitality industry selling their products to the public and the workshops which included the investors that travelled from outside Zambia to attend the travel Expo, being briefed by ZTB Managing Director , Director Marketing and the ZTB Team about the Tourism Industry, tourism investment opportunities, where we need to improve, to what we have in terms of resources, visa regulations, when zambia will be declared a yellow fever -free zone , the UNWTO 20th general Assembly being co-hosted with Zimbabwe in august 2013 and more.

The Notable Guests Present were Deputy Minister Of Trade & Commerce Mr Keith Mukata, Zambia Tourism Board Ambassador of the Seychelles , South African High Commissioner, Radisson Blu General Manager. Just to name a few.

C1rca: Outside of the Zambia Travel expo, what are your roles as Miss Tourism Zambia and why did you compete to become Miss Tourism Zambia?

Winnie: My major Role as Miss Tourism Zambia is to promote Zambian Tourism Locally and Internationally, to encourage environmental sustainability and work with the under privileged in Society to mention a few .

I competed because I knew I was capable of taking on the responsibilities that come with the title

C1rca:. With Zambia gearing up to host the UNWTO, how ready do you think we are to host this event and how do you think young Zambians interested in working in tourism can be a part of this?

Winnie: Zambia is ready to co- host the UNWTO as I believe all structures are in place. The participation of the private sector and support of the government is great. I believe we are well prepared for this conference .

Young Zambians interested in being part of the UNWTO should be innovative so that when opportunities present themselves, they will be well prepared.

C1rca: Lusaka will turn 100 years old this July. Will you be taking part in the celebrations?

Winnie: I most likely will . I definitely want to celebrate 100 years of lusaka in a clean Environment:)

Follow Winnie on twitter | @Winniemtz2012

Like her Fan page on facebook |

For more on Lusaka at 100, visit the site| Lusakat100

Facebook Page| Lusaka100

Africa Night with Zahara | Ticket giveaway


It has been confirmed. The ‘Africa Night with Zahara’ concert featuring Pompi & Scarlet slated for 24th  May 2013 is SOLD OUT!!

Did you get your tickets?


Well then maybe you will want to keep reading… C1rca1964, courtesy of The Straight Up Company, is giving away TWO TICKETS to one lucky person for this not-to-be-missed show!! All you have to do is participate in a short survey answering a few questions about Zambia.

It’s not a pop quiz, there are no brownie points for the clever one, there are just some easy questions that can give you the chance to win a great PRIZE!

The survey aims to gather information on the depth of knowledge of Zambia’s political history by its respondents. The idea is to ascertain better ways to document and archive historical information. Thank you in advance for participating.

Please click HERE to answer the questions and leave us details where we can get back to you on.

It will only take you eight minutes to complete.

Get in quick! There are only a few days to go till the show! Don’t let a few minutes stand in between you and a chance at experiencing a memorable evening!


• The information gathered will not be used for any commercial purpose.
• Information is strictly confidential.
• Survey deadline is on 23.59pm 22 May 2013
• Draw will be conducted on 23 rd of May 2013 (winner will be announced and contacted

** This competition is now closed but the survey is still open if you would like to partake in it**

Winner : muyekoe mvula