SugarBush | Christmas Garden Fair!


Hi C1rca family + Zed Creatives at large,

Can you believe that Christmas is upon us already? Well, before we all venture off for Christmas holidays and the like, C1rca 1964 would love it if we could have one more Zed Creative meet up at SugarBush Farm for the Sugar Bush Christmas Fair!

We are really excited to be helping our friends and clients get the word out about this event and we have decided to rope you guys in as well to spread the Sugar Bush Farm Christmas Fair cheer!

We would love to see you ALL at the Fair on the 7th and 8th December (9am-4.30pm) at The Design House – SugarBush Farm, Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka.

The fair shall be showcasing a unique blend of local and regional designers and artisans. It really is fun for all the family so come down with everyone you know ;-)!

Oh and before we forget, Raffle tickets are currently on sale at The Design House Shop and Cafe (K20 per ticket). There are some amazing prizes that you just can’t miss out on!

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The Design House Shop Opening Times
Tue – Sat 8:00-17:000
Sun 9:00-16:30

C1rca Spotlight| Evelyn Kalubi

“Untitled Fashion Illustration”

“Untitled Fashion Illustration”

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a visual piece of work that leaves you wanting to know about it’s creator  and whether their personal experiences inspired their work. Zambian-Congolese visual artist Evelyn Kalubi states that ““I am inspired by color and form primarily. I also have a great focus on politics, racial identity, sexuality and fantasy in my work”.

"It wasn’t the Lion King but she loved the jungle and Africa"

“It wasn’t the Lion King but she loved the jungle and Africa”


” I  was born during the early 1980′s in Kitwe, a small city in northern Zambia located along the border to the Democratic Republic Congo.  My unique  African family has definitely affected my  understanding and perception on life, music, design, fashion and, of course, art.  Our family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where I spent the early portions of my life.  Living in the United States proved to be a trying time for my family and myself.  It was during this time the pervading concept of understanding my identity and my place in the world began to assume its place in my thinking”.




“One of my goals is to open a production firm that sponsors artists, musicians, poets, and expose them to audiences around the world. I would also like to do more philanthropic work for African women throughout the African Diaspora to remind them of their beauty and significance  in this world”.




#TourismTuesdays| Lusaka 100

As you drive down Great East Road and other main roads in Lusaka, you may have  noticed the Lusaka 100 banners to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our capital city. The official events kicked off last weekend and continue through to the end of the month. In honor of Lusaka 100, we’re sharing some of our favorite Lusaka inspired things and sites

. •EXPLORE| Ama Local

Photo Credit: Ama Local

Ama Local is a travel site which features reviews about restaurants, offers advice on fun things to do in all 10 provinces. According to the site, “ Amalocal’ is city lingo that combines English and a local derivative ‘them/ us’ to define identified persons. Examples would include “amaboys’ referring to young males, ‘amadaddies’ referring to mature men, ‘amaladies’ being smart women, etc, etc. ’Am a local’ is a play on ‘amalocal’ to include the visitor who would read the English/ American version- I am a local/ Am a local!!”

The site is divided into categories such as ‘Arts and Culture’, ‘Festivals and Events’, ‘Bars and Restaurants’ and more. Visit the Lusaka section here.

SEE| Lusaka, The City, The People

Photo Credit: Lusaka, The City and People.

Photo Credit: Lusaka, The City and People.

We love this facebook page which features stunning vintage pictures of our hometown.

READ|  Post Cards of Zambia (book)

postcards from zambia

Go back in time and trace the history of Lusaka and Zambia through postcards and pictures curated by Peter Langmead. Available for sale via Amazon. Check the facebook page for updates.

WEAR| Zamboi Shirt

zed gear

Rep your hometown in this Zamboi shirt by ZamGear.

READ|  The African Gypsy

Photo Credit| Chembo

Photo Credit| Chembo

Actress/Artist Chembo did a blog post on her recent experiences in Lusaka. Can you spot any familiar places?

DO| • Lusaka Photo Walk

Photo Credit: Dan Hartwright

Photo Credit: Dan Hartwright

International Travel Photographer Dan Hartwright offers photo walks around Lusaka. “ Learn about camera controls, basic and creative use of exposure and composition, meet people who share the interest in photography, and get some exercise”. For updates on future Lusaka Photo Walks, follow Dan on twitter @DanHartwright.

EXPLORE| Lusaka Experience

Photo Credit| Lusaka Experience

Photo Credit| Lusaka Experience

Ever thought about being a tourist in your own city? The Lusaka Experience offers various tours around Lusaka heritage sites, visits to cultural and arts centers, or a tour of townships in Lusaka. For more information, visit the website The Lusaka 100 list of events includes a discussion on the Fashion Industry in Zambia, A Malasha Bike race and more.

Full List of Activities can be found  here.

YATATU | Kutowa Designs


Towani Clarke is a name you have probably heard mentioned many times before yet sometimes find hard to place but you feel has a touch of the familiar. That’s how we felt when we saw pictures of Kutowa Designs ( Towani Clarke’s fashion label) latest line, Yatatu. There was something familiar about it and then it hit us! Towani is a master at weaving home into her pieces. The outfits immediately remind you of Zambia and fit in with our colorful, dynamic and often interesting world. It’s like wearing home wherever you go.

Kutowa Designs has gone all out for their latest fashion reveal being hosted at the Kutowo design studio in Rhodespark on the 26th July 2013 (18:00hrs start).

Not only will you get a sneak peek of Towani’s latest work but there will be welcome cocktails courtesy of The Wine Shop and tasty samplings courtesy of 8 Reedbuck Hotel. And last but NEVER least, you will be mingling in a FREE iZone wifi spot thanks to Africonnect. 3 great things to add to an already Fabulous event!

Yatatu A1 PosterPhoto credit : Pencil Case Studios

To R.S.V.P join the event page here |

Website |

Twitter |

Facebook |

#MovieMondays: 3 new Films We’re Excited About


Ask a Zambian to name a recent Zambian film they’ve watched and they probably wouldn’t be able to tell you one. However, ask them to name their favorite Nollywood movie or Telenovena, you’d probably see ‘Beyonce’ or ‘Rabecca’ on that list.

‘Mwansa The Great’ is probably the closet we’ve come to having a Zambian produced film be recognized for it’s great story line and interesting characters. We recently spotted three trailers for films that we think will add to the growing Zambian Film Industry scene.


It’s a great day when you discover gems through the twitter streets, and Solola is no different. Directed by Vatice of the famous Inzy creative agency, the ‘Solola’ trailer shows the hard knock life of female prostitution in Zambia through the eyes of one who ends up pregnant and is abused. According to the description under the trailer on youtube, “She will not stop at nothing, She is thirsty for Vengeance.The harsh streets harbour her comfort. She is scared. Rejection is the chasil that she uses to posses her loss. She is a SOLOLA!”


Esther Phiri is undoubtedly the most famous female boxer in Zambian history, so it’s only right that a film about her has surfaced. The film is titled ‘Woman on Hold’ which is described as “an observational documentary about Esther Phiri who fought her way out of poverty to become Zambia’s most famous athlete and a symbol of female empowerment”. The film is a Zambia/ Finnish co-production and is in the last stages of filming.


Twitter| @


Love Games Season 2

It’s no secret that #TeamC1rca are huge fans of the Zambian TV drama series ‘ Love Games’, so we’re literally counting down the days till Season 2 returns. In the meantime, you can catch the trailer via the Media 365 facebook page.

What do you think of the three film/tv offerings?