#TourismTuesdays| Lusaka 100

As you drive down Great East Road and other main roads in Lusaka, you may have  noticed the Lusaka 100 banners to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our capital city. The official events kicked off last weekend and continue through to the end of the month. In honor of Lusaka 100, we’re sharing some of our favorite Lusaka inspired things and sites

. •EXPLORE| Ama Local

Photo Credit: Ama Local

Ama Local is a travel site which features reviews about restaurants, offers advice on fun things to do in all 10 provinces. According to the site, “ Amalocal’ is city lingo that combines English and a local derivative ‘them/ us’ to define identified persons. Examples would include “amaboys’ referring to young males, ‘amadaddies’ referring to mature men, ‘amaladies’ being smart women, etc, etc. ’Am a local’ is a play on ‘amalocal’ to include the visitor who would read the English/ American version- I am a local/ Am a local!!”

The site is divided into categories such as ‘Arts and Culture’, ‘Festivals and Events’, ‘Bars and Restaurants’ and more. Visit the Lusaka section here.

SEE| Lusaka, The City, The People

Photo Credit: Lusaka, The City and People.

Photo Credit: Lusaka, The City and People.

We love this facebook page which features stunning vintage pictures of our hometown.

READ|  Post Cards of Zambia (book)

postcards from zambia

Go back in time and trace the history of Lusaka and Zambia through postcards and pictures curated by Peter Langmead. Available for sale via Amazon. Check the facebook page for updates.

WEAR| Zamboi Shirt

zed gear

Rep your hometown in this Zamboi shirt by ZamGear.

READ|  The African Gypsy

Photo Credit| Chembo

Photo Credit| Chembo

Actress/Artist Chembo did a blog post on her recent experiences in Lusaka. Can you spot any familiar places?

DO| • Lusaka Photo Walk

Photo Credit: Dan Hartwright

Photo Credit: Dan Hartwright

International Travel Photographer Dan Hartwright offers photo walks around Lusaka. “ Learn about camera controls, basic and creative use of exposure and composition, meet people who share the interest in photography, and get some exercise”. For updates on future Lusaka Photo Walks, follow Dan on twitter @DanHartwright.

EXPLORE| Lusaka Experience

Photo Credit| Lusaka Experience

Photo Credit| Lusaka Experience

Ever thought about being a tourist in your own city? The Lusaka Experience offers various tours around Lusaka heritage sites, visits to cultural and arts centers, or a tour of townships in Lusaka. For more information, visit the website The Lusaka 100 list of events includes a discussion on the Fashion Industry in Zambia, A Malasha Bike race and more.

Full List of Activities can be found  here.

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