Lusaka Social Media Day Panel | Lulu Haangala


Luyando Haangala aka Lulu, is a media consultant with a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Business minor and a certificate in Diplomacy. She has been involved in various media programs with benefits to society at large. Since the age of 4 Lulu has ministered on stage through music and had the privilege of being invited to sing for Zambia’s first republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda at age 6.

Lulu is passionate about her work and has been dubbed as a “SocialMedia Queen.” Lulu is a household name and celebrated personality because of her television presentations on the international Hope Channel, Muvi TV and ZNBC and for her radio interviews on radio Phoenix, Hot FM, QFM, Hone Radio and Zambezi FM in Livingstone. YFM radio, a South African based station conducted a live phone interview with Lulu as an upcoming African talent. She has presented some of the biggest showson Zambian television.

Besides TV Lulu is a sought after MC, voice over artist, brand ambassador and motivational speaker. Lulu has also been featured in all the major newspapers and in several magazines in Zambia as an inspiring Zambian personality.

Lulu further interacts with her fanbase on Facebook (16,650 likes with a friends of fans reach of over 1 million) and Twitter (4,350 followers). Her fanpage provokes interesting subjects of discussion especially among the youth. Furthermore entities such as Muvi TV and Dreams Zambia have used Lulu’s face as a brand for their programs on television and on billboards.

After speaking at several church and youth conferences Lulu realised many young people need motivation so that they do not settle for mediocre accomplishments but rather aim high. Her passion for young people drew her to get involved in the interactive television show Love Games Live as a presenter. She has since embarked on a ‘school run’ project where she will speak to grade 12 students with other inspiring Zambian personalities.

Lulu was recently appointed Youth Ambassador in the US Embassy Youth Ambassador program. She had the distinguished honour of accompanying the US Ambassador to Zambia, Ambassador

Mark Storella, to Livingstone and to the Victoria Falls, as a member of his delegation in a diplomacy program entitled #BikeAcrossBorders. This program was a joint effort with the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ambassador  Wharton as a way of promoting tourism around the Victoria

Falls which is shared by both countries. Lulu had the honour of hosting the current Miss USA, Nana Meriwether during #BikeAcrossBorders where they rode several kilometres in and around Livingstone and into Zimbabwe with much crowd acclaim.

In the long term lulu is in the process of registering a media company which will create educative, informative and entertaining programming for both television and radio. Lulu hopes to continue to serve the young people in Zambia, inspiring them to reach their highest potential.


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